Arc 1 - Episode #200


General Summary

(3:20) 17th of Thorom - Group 4, Winterhaven
Councelor Combs discusses Nathaniel's condition with the group and asks them for help. One solution is getting some Ashen Milkweed to help him heal.  
(17:18) 26th of Thorom to 1st of Reng-we - Group 2, Ki'an
Stepping out of the gate, fast forward 1 month while traveling across Ki'an and arrival at the seal.  
(33:53) 20th of Thorom - Group 1, Winterhaven
The group arrive in Winterhaven and talk to Ren Rabbashaw. Quick meeting with Combs and then off to meet another group to deal with Nathaniel and an orc problem.  
(1:18:00) 9th of Est'iss - Group 3, Ki'an
The party exits the Temple of Vecnaand and has to convince Bardon to continue being their guide to the seal.  
(1:32:36) 20th of Thorom - Groups 1 and 4, Winterhaven
The two groups meet and discuss working together to deal with the orcs on Winterhaven's border and procuring the herb to help Nathaniel.  
(1:54:55) 3rd of Reng'we - Groups 2 and 3, Ki'an
At the seal, Group 2 prepares for the Blood Moon as Group 3 arrives. A long discussion occurs about what they should do when the time for the ritual comes.  
(3:02:04) 21st of Thorom - Groups 1 and 4, Winterhaven
The large party leaves town for the outer border to complete their mission.  
(3:18:12) 4th of Reng'we - Groups 2 and 3, The Seal
As the assembled adventurers await the Blood Moon, a lone figure appears. Marrek and Daegon block his path to the seal and Una attacks. The Githzerai strikes back and summons a dracolich to fight by his side.  
(3:42:55) 21st of Thorom - Groups 1 and 4
On the outer borders of Winterhaven the party makes contact with the rogue orcs who are beginning to build a shelter within Winterhaven's border. Malchus and Aria play charades and pictionary with Gork. They eventually convince him to take the others and head to an unclaimed area south of the city. Returning to Winterhaven, proud of their negotiations and packs loaded with milkweed, everyone witnesses the giant black dragon attacking the city. Amarah flies to its defense but is mortally wounded in the battle and falls from the sky.  
(4:23:45) 4th of Reng'we - Groups 2 and 3, The Seal
Kal'tos and the dracolich take on the seal's guardians.  
(5:17:52) 1st of Est'iss - Malchus Grimnas, Winterhaven
Malchus makes his closing statements at his trial.  
(5:28:20) 4th of Reng'we - Groups 2 and 3, The Seal
Daegon steps up to the seal, intent on releasing the gods. His group says their goodbyes but Briahna stops him and takes his place in the ritual with Una at her side. After the ritual, Brie's body is gone and Una lies unconscious. Shortly after, Khoury emits a blinding light from her eyes and mouth and falls dead, followed by Acteronis.  


Notable Kills

  • Amarah, killed by Ru'Thamor the black dragon
  • Kal'tos, killed by Julie
  • Dracolich, killed by Julie (byproduct of killing Kal'tos)
  • Briahna, self sacrifice during ritual
  • Khoury, died as a result of the ritual
  • Acteronis, died when Khoury's power to keep him alive expired

Locations Visited

  • Winterhaven
  • The Temple of Vecna, Ki'an
  • "The Seal", Ki'an

Missions/Quests Completed

Arc 1 - 201 episodes!

Groups 1, 2, 3, and 4

Player Characters

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

Release date: 12 Mar 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
12 Mar 2017