Amvin Yamil

Half-Elf Storm Mage


Amvin grew up in Uman' Yiro where he practiced his art and hoped to one day be raised to the position of Archmage. Years later, his thesis research brought him down to the mainland where me met a group of adventurers at a tavern in Winterhaven. Malchus, Teveen, Aria and Theo quickly invited him into their ranks.     Arc 1
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Amvin and Theo bonded over magic with hopes that Theo could learn some measure of control over his own powers.
He traveled with the group taking notes and helping as needed, most of which revolved around Malchus collecting witnesses for his impending trial.


As Malchus awaited trial for war crimes, the group was asked to intervene with a group of orcs setting up camp too close to Winterhaven. Amvin didn't contribute a lot to the conversation, not speaking orcish, instead letting Malchus communicate with Aria assisting with pictures.


The Orcs were eventually persuaded to move to a new location and all involved returned to Winterhaven victorious.

  Arc 2
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Amvin, now an ambassador to Winterhaven set out with a new group, agreeing to help find a missing group of orcs from the tribe they had helped to relocate two years prior.


They did find the orcs eventually, captured in a Nu'val camp. A rescue was mounted and the Orcs escorted back to their home.
Amvin, as always taking notes and trying to understand everything happening.


On their way back to Winterhaven, the party stumbled across a cave, marked with warnings in elvish. They went in regardless and spent some time examining the old White Ravens headquarters. Sensing a lot of magic further in, they kept exploring and found one of the magic gates. The researcher Finway was nowhere to be seen but most of his notes were still scattered around the room.
Amvin gathered as much as he could carry for future study and they kept moving on their journey.


A group of elves met the group in the forest and escorted them to Cal Cas where they met with Brettana Moonshadow and, as a surprise, Amvin's father Enra.


On the way back to Winterhaven the group stumbled upon a man and his cart also traveling north. They set camp together and learned he was a semi-famous performer who was trying to have a career resurgence. He asked them to help him with a play once they returned to Winterhaven and the group reluctantly agreed.


After a week of practice, they put on a show for the who's who of Winterhaven, including Malchus Grimnas, his brother Vallus and Vallus' wife and Mayor of Esterholt, Jadzia Grimnas-Grace. The play, called "Of Two Worlds" was a reimagining of Malchus' group interacting with the orc tribe and it's historical outcome.


For Amvin's part, he added sound effects and lighting while the rest of the group did makeup or in the case of Masoka and Uboh, starred in the play.


It was a resounding success, making them instant local celebrities, which they all disliked and could not wait to leave town again.


The group took a mission to find out what was happening on Donhurst after reports of undead and decimation of the city itself.


On the way to Donhurst, the group stopped in Aubrey met some old friends.
After they resupplied they headed out towards Donhurst. Along the way, a large solid cart is found in the brush. With only a short discussion, Uboh casts Erupting Earth, setting off a large explosion from the cart, killing Masoka and Amvin.


Some time later, Amvin wakes up in the Temple of Amaunator in Aubrey. His clothes are in tatters but his body is whole. Maddy finds him wandering the streets and before long it comes out that Uboh and Clarrisa have made a pact with a demon to bring him back from the dead.


Appearance and Personality


Short of stature, Amvin holds himself proudly. He wears dark blue robes with the symbol of Uman'Yiro on the chest.
He travels the lands working on his research into how the connection with friends and party members might impact the power of magic.


Important Dates and Achievements


Notable Moments

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  • Amvin, along with Masoka, was killed by an explosion outside of Aubrey. Amvin was brought back through demonic means through a pact between Uboh, Clarrisa and Darmock
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 175

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Ambassador of Winterhaven
    Other Affiliations