Orc Leader


When Gork and his clanmates first began building a new stronghold near Winterhaven, several representatives from the city came to deal with them, one way or another.   Show spoiler
Groups 1 and 4, through hastily drawn pictures and hand-waving actually convinced Gork to move his clan further to the southwest and away from Winterhaven.   Unfortunately, the place they picked to set up shop was at the edge of the Evergreen where they began clearing forest, angering the Elves.   Arc 2
Years later, Gork-Al is now the Chief of the Moz'zog Camp, still clear cutting their way into the Evergreen to expand their camp. A tense truce with the Elves exists but it is fragile and might fall apart at any moment.


No appearance details given other than "a large orc"

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 200
Current Residence
Moz'zog Camp