Sora Greywing

Halfling Ranger


Sora originally came from Ebony Harbor but not much is known about her reasons for being out on the road before she joined the White Ravens in Overwatch, shortly after the city fell.  
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Arc 1
Sora and the team were sent on several missions to help various towns. After Durnhollow, they fought vampires in Aubrey and eventually made their way past Donhurst to Lochfortt. They found Lochfort nearly abandoned, devastated by a pack of werewolves. They rescued a few children who were hiding in attics and made a last stand at the town hall but lost most of the group to the pack. Briahna, Poe and some paladins from the Temple in Esterholt arrived and manage to kill or drive off the last of the beasts.   After the battle was won and the last of the werewolves ran out of town, Sora and Eliwrath finally got a night to rest. The next day, after the survivors had time to heal, Sora joined Briahna, Eliwrath, Arina and a few paladins to track the wolves. They did find them some distance from town and after a vicious battle, the pack lay dead at the groups feet.   Sora would stay with the party as they headed back to Overwatch and gathered a few new friends along the way.   The group traveled west to Overwatch and then to Winterhaven to help with an orc situation brewing there.   The party split not long after and Sora's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Appearance and Personality

  Sora is quick to offer help, the pointy end of an arrow or a well placed fist depending on the situation. Some in per party think she is impulsive but she would defend it with she thinks and acts quickly on her feet without letting others know first.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

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Arc 1, Episode 100

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