Ren Rabbashaw

Human Lawyer


Ren has been practicing law and defending local folks from accusations in Winterhaven for several decades.   Show spoiler
When Malchus came back to Winterhaven after his long absence following the Battle of Winterhaven, Ren was assigned as a public defender. Malchus intended to clear his name and the Council insisted he have a "hearing", which was actually more of a full trial to find out the ramifications of his actions during that battle.   Mr. Rabbishaw studied, did his homework and after stating the case, with the help of many character witnesses, added another notch in the "win" column. It may have been the biggest victory in Ren's long career, undoubtedly changing fate of local heroes for years to come.


Older with gray hair, spectacles and a snappy white suit, Ren has the bearing of a deep south lawyer, akin to Matlock.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 181
Current Residence