Julie Fairway

Human Paladin


One of the clerics living in the Temple of Kord within the town of Esterholt. Not much is known about Julie Fairway other than she devoted her life to the God of Courage, Kord.   She does seem to have a decent knowledge of blood magic and the repercussions of using such. When the temple was visited by a group of wayward travelers after one of their arms had infected with a blood magic curse, they were sent to Julie. Miss Fairway wasn't able to discern everything based on the wound, but she did instruct the group to remove his arm before the curse spread. That advice saved Fie's life, and he is in her debt.  
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After Una, Craig and the paladins chased after Straad, Julie was left to keep things going at the temple. Briahna reappeared some days later with a demand that Una be resurrected, which Julie did against her better judgement. When Una and her friends left town a few days later, Julie had her paladins ransack Jadzia's home and take her books as revenge.   Later, while Una and the others are talking with Sariff, Julie again approached the home and was assaulted by Sariff and his men. During the fight, Amarah appears and is under attack by several dragons resulting in Julie being knocked out and taken into the house as everyone scrambled to safety.   Once she regains consciousness, it is decided that all need to work together to defeat the dragons and after some tense fights and learning that both Una and she are Sariff's daughters, Julie returns the things her people stole from Jadzia's house and begin to make things right.   Julie and Una venture out together at the insistence of Craig to learn to work together and find an artifact to help with a coming conflict.   They successfully retrieved the artifact and Julie took to the road with Group 3 to see the gods released from their imprisonment at the Seal.   Arc 2
Julie and Una are running the temple together, training new recruits and seemlingly getting along better than they ever did.


Julie Fairway is a young woman who is quite knowledgeable in many types of ailments, including infections and curses. She is known as the 'go to' person at the Temple of Kord when it comes to such matters. She wears the same robes as the other clerics of Kord, though she does carry herself with a level of grace which makes her stand out from a crowd.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 58
Current Location
Temple of Kord
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Paladins of Kord
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