Oisius used to be much bigger, but after it was severely damaged during the Sunrise it lost much of its appeal. Fewer moved there than moved away and for centuries children born here were more susceptible to various birth defects. As a result, large parts of the town crumbled into ruins that now stretches up towards the more mountainous region in the north. What's left is something between a large village and a small town.


The old town used to have significant fortifications. Now, these defences are far outside the actual village and most are barely recognisable ruins while the rest or in disrepair. The Protectors of the Sun do keep a presence here to keep the peace. House Seelon Guard also have a couple of soldiers stationed here in order to keep an eye on the area.

Industry & Trade

While it isn't what it used to be, Oisius does have some trade passing through. Merchants also consider the available inns and taverns a good reason to stop here.


Buildings here are old, or use parts of old buildings. There is no need to build much when you might as well make minor repairs and repupous an old building.
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