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Ruby Night

This is a grandiose building in the southern parts of Jolethai. The most prominent section is the Ruby Night theatre and concert hall. There is a smaller auditorium in connection with the main hall, which is sometimes used for smaller gatherings.   The concert hall can fit up to 1000 people in the audience without issue. The stage is large enough to fit a complete symphony orchestra, but even when the stage is used for other plays, a fairly sizable orchestra can fit in the pit.   Connected to the concert building is the one housing the Ruby Conservatory. The school is intrinsically connected to the performance area as they provide both money and talent to each other. Those performing at the Ruby Night are likely to be either students or masters at the Conservatory.


The theatre is a beautiful construction with intricate details in sparkling colours, decorating otherwise smooth, organically shaped by otherwise minimalistic white walls. Gold symbols and ornaments, along with rubies of various sizes, show the building's rich and wealthy history. The original sections were drawn by Feladrin Haliffinith, but minor improvements, extensions and repairs have been made over the years.
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