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Windy Road

This large tavern in Jolethai is where almost anyone amongst the commoners can be found at one point or another. And quite a few of the finer folk as well. All three floors are typically bustling with activity in the evening and whenever people are off from work.   The owners are Ruenn Dustswimmer and his husband Hiennan Dustswimmer, a pair of lightfoot halflings who have run the tavern for the past 50 years. They employ several servers, at least three of which are on duty on any evening, but usually only two during the day.  
Mixed grilled platter 1 sp
Pie 8 cp
Tempeh patties 6 cp
Chicken breast 2 sp
Askarus ale 1 sp
Light ale 4 cp
Zaune, glass 4 cp
Zaune, pitcher 1 sp
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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