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Protectors of the Sun

The official military and internal security force of the Sh'areen Caliphate are known as the Protectors of the Sun, or just the Protectors for short. They recruit from all of over the nation, mostly by tempting the less fortunate by promises of money and glory, but in need, they can demand noble houses to recruit for them.


The Caliph is technically the ultimate authority over the Protectors, but under the oversight by the Sh'areen Senate. It is headed by the Supreme General who oversees a group of generals, each commanding their branch of the Protectors.  
AqyedThe colonels of the military oversee any specific area or major campaign.
RaedThe majors are responsible for cordinating smaller coordinating any larger operations and in charge of very important strongholds
MiĆ­'QuabEvery major city has one of these captains. They are the ones who oversee the day-to-day operations of the Protectors.
MussaidA Mi'Quab can choose can choose to deputise a Mussaid to delegate responsibilities to. This is especially common when they are in charge of several towns and needs someone in charge in each location.
ProtectorThis is the regular title for full members of the Protectors of the Sun.
Protector-at-DawnBefore one is a full member of the Protectors, there is a trial period filled with traning. Anyone of this rank will have a Protector responsible for them.


Any major city within the Caliphate has a garrison of Protectors stationed there. Theoretically, they outrank any local guard led by the local Qel'tath, but in practice, there are plenty of unofficial understandings about jurisdiction. On top of these, there are a handful of forts that are fully staffed by the Protectors to keep the Caliphate safe.   The Protectors are the only guards and soldiers in Solaris, as they represent the nation as a whole as well as the Caliph in particular.

Live by the Sun
Die by the Sun

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Sun Guard
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