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Jolethai Protectors' Garrison

As Seelon Principality is one of the larger areas between Solaris and the southern coast, it also has a significant presence of the Protectors of the Sun. However, Qel'tath Anhara Seelon isn't fond of the oversight and tries her best to keep the influence of the Protectors to a minimum, in favour of the House Seelon Guard.   The commander of the garrison is Rown Geokoz, a catian veteran soldier who used to deal with holding monsters at bay at the outskirts of civilisation. He isn't as prepared for the political dealings of his current position and prefers to give way to Anhara over having to deal with her manipulations. If she wants him to be more military than a police force, that's fine with him, and that is how he trains his Protectors.   At any given time, there are roughly 50 Protectors within the garrison, along with just over 20 other staff members. The remaining 100 assigned here are travelling and patrolling other areas. How many are patrolling the streets of Jolethai varies a lot, but there are always at least five stationed at each of the three gates.

Purpose / Function

The general protection of Jolethai and its surrounding area is the primary concern of the garrison, but they also act as a police force within the region. Most of the time, their jurisdiction is for severe crimes and crimes against outsiders, whereas the Seelon Guard takes care of more local matters. That said, they rarely pass up on an opportunity to claim broader jurisdiction if they can get away with it and have the resources.   The Garrison also has the largest prison in the city and is, therefore, more often responsible for dealing with apprehended criminals. If one is arrested, this is usually where they are found eventually, even if they were arrested by the Guard.


The main section of the building has three floors. The bottom one houses administration and facilities for the soldiers staying here, while the upper acts as barracks. There is also a one-floor section that houses training facilities and the armoury. The third section has one floor above ground and four levels below. It is the dungeon, prison, and interrogation rooms of the facility, though the lowest level is rarely used.   In between the three sections lies a courtyard that acts as training area, gathering space, and a place to interact with the public at a greater extent.


The oldest part of the garrison is the dungeon and some say it dates back before the Sunrise. And as it is with old buildings, there are plenty of stories told about it. The smaller section was built next in order to handle a larger military presence, but it was soon found to be too small and the three-storey building was added and connected the other two.
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