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Castle Solaris

In contrast to a lot of the buildings in the Sky District of Solaris, the Castle is built out of very sturdy stone and is meant to be defensible in the event of war. It is also large enough to take in a significant portion of the population in the District, with the Golden District having its ways to defend.   There are significant food and water supplies under the castle that would help the city if it is every under siege. It can house many thousands of Protectors on top of a civilian population. However, in times of peace, it is used simply as headquarters for the Protectors. This is where they are trained, where overarching strategies are planned, and where the highest ranking members have their base of operation.

Purpose / Function

Gaining access to any part of the compound is difficult unless you're wearing the insignia of a Protector or a one vouches for you. The latter is the case with recruits. But even so, anyone not stationed here isn't allowed much past the first walls. Plenty of officers are stationed all around the fortress and signalling any soldier means they can quickly pass you to a superior.   Only senior officers are typically in their offices, with more junior ones either in various guard houses or patrolling more than they are on administrative duties. If you are referred to someone where you must wait outside an office together with a Protector who acts as their secretary, you are clearly seen as very important indeed.


There are three walls, each sturdier than the last. Everything is built with function and defence in mind, with beauty being a very distant priority. One might have expected the headquarters of one of the world's most formidable armies to be more grandiose, but if it wasn't for its immense size, Castle Solaris would look quite humble.   The sandstone and dust give it a light brown tone that is mostly interspersed by various supports and the bushes and small trees grown on some of the roofs. Only the gates and a few other structures have coloured stones in blue and yellow around them.
Alternative Names
Protector's Fort
Parent Location
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