Al-Vexnim Headquarters

The Al-Vexnim are an organisation of mercenaries and swords for hire. Rumours say they even have assassins in their employ. Regardless, they are very useful to those with money who would rather remain anonymous. Or to those who just want an efficient escort that isn't bogged down by questioning what they are escorting.There might not be anything illegal going on, but discretion is advised.   The headquarters of the organisation is a three-floor building in the Sand District of Solaris. It might seem unassuming to most if it wasn't for the large red and black banners hanging down the walls, showing the organisations symbol: a red sword with an eye in the hilt, resting on a black field. These adornments are accompanied by orange stripes handing from all windows and metal rods that act like many small chimes. These rods help mask the sounds of anyone wishing to enter silently, but the guards have learned to tune them out when listening.   In addition, there are at least a handful of entrances so that one never has to be seen in full view of the public. As a biónus, Al-Vexnim mercenaries can come and go without drawing attention.

Purpose / Function

The building was originally an administrative post to handle migration into the city. This function was soon moved to cohabit with other administrative functions. The Al-Vexnim made several alterations as they moved in, allowing for the multitude of secret passages that exist there now. There are still few large rooms around as most are offices converted into temporary living quarters or supply rooms. Visitors would be shown to the largest office which belongs to Zûlna al-Vexnim. She, or someone in her stead if she's busy, would then negotiate any contract.


Like most buildings in the city, the headquarters are made out of stone with a sand-based plaster to make the walls even. Details and extra structure uses wood.   The ground floor includes the stables and a garage for a couple of carts and wagons. The organisation owns many more, but they are out on missions or stationed in the few branch offices that exist elsewhere within the Sh'areen Caliphate. The next floor up acts as the barracks for the mercenaries currently here, while the top floor has administrative areas, is the home of the Commander, and is rumoured to have the more expensive items in the Al-Vexnim's possession. The roof acts as a platform for rituals, especially divination.
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