Sun Spire

The majestic towers that make up the palace of the Caliph of the Sh'areen Caliphate are truly astonishing. In the sunlight, they gleam as if made from solid gold and the light is reflected onto every part of Solaris.

Purpose / Function

The most central place for the government of the Caliphate will attract those who have truly proven themselves in one way or another. Besides servants and slaves, no one is allowed in here unless they have a very important role, very solid contacts, or have proven immensely useful for the Caliphate. For those who are allowed to enter, even brief conversations here can lead to contacts that prove invaluable.


The central tower is very tall, but it's surrounded by five much shorter towers that are connected to the central one via a couple of bridges.   The interior has a lot of gold ornaments, mosaic floors, and expensive fabrics as decoration. What is, perhaps surprisingly, missing are decorative weapons or any religious symbols of any kind. Not even ones dedicated to Amaunator.
Alternative Names
The Divine Sun-Spire
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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