Sunreach Palace

This is a massive tower plated with brass and gold, standing at the very centre of Solaris. It is surrounded by five smaller towers that provide support and can be accessed via bridges from the centre tower. All of them have numerous windows in all direction. This gives it the impression of watching over all of the Sh'areen Caliphate at once. The domes of these spires reach for the skies to symbolise the connection with Amaunator. Indeed, part of the architecture is made to imitate the central towers of the Prismatic City.   The lower floors of the towers are for general administration and contact with the public. It also includes a small collection of art and historical artefacts that are granted access to for those who have proved genuinely loyal to the Caliph.   As one enters the central tower, one is greeted by a large marble hall willed with whispers and the scent of old papers. In the room is a semi-circular desk with brass inlays to make it a symbol of the sun that is on the Caliphate's emblem. The clerks there take care of answering general questions, have scheduled for all other staff within the tower (using a shelf version of a Bag of Holding to store the information), including the caliph themselves. While they are very busy people, they do try to be helpful and friendly to those who can behave, and there are several members of the Protectors to help out with those who can't.   As for the rest of the building, it's structure allows for a lot of echoes, but there are enough tapestries and other such decoration that the sound doesn't reach unbearable levels but instead leads to the sensation of a constant gentle whisper. Similarly, there always seems to be windows or other light sources around to bathe everything in a soft yellow shine. Few are allowed to move freely within the palace, but nearly every part is expensively decorated, and diplomatic suites for leaders of other nations are double so.

Purpose / Function

For anyone seeking the most powerful in the Sh'areen Caliphate, and indeed one of the most powerful in the world, this is where to go. Of course, not everyone is let in and even seeing more than the entrance hall requires at the very least great renown. For those who have access, this is the most deadly location for intrigue. Every move is watched; every mistake can and will be punished.
Parent Location


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