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God of the Sun

Pronounced ah-Maw-nu-tor, he was created by Selûne as her first act of defiance against her sister Shar. He is the god of the Sun and possibly the one who feeds the celestial body so that it keeps burning. He is also a god of law and fair judgement, though also one of harsh punishments.

Divine Domains

Sun, Justice

Holy Books & Codes

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A golden sun

Tenets of Faith

  • No individual is above the law.
  • Those in power must guide the people to the betterment of all.
  • Never accept deceit as a part of justice.
  • One cannot be righteous if one isn't honest.
  • Always be on the lookout for the influence of fiends and destroy their harmful presence.


The Sunhigh is the main day of celebration throughout the year as it is the brightest day of the year.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Immediately after Selûne created him, Amaunator found himself at the very heart of a cosmic conflict. He was set to help life spring forth and many gods supported this. At the same time, fewer but more powerful gods tried to either destroy him and prevent life or pervert the life he was supposed to create. Ultimately, he chose to fight alongside those who wanted life, but he also established that the others would be able to influence that life.   Many have blamed the god for allowing the darker gods to roam freely while others have praised him for saving reality from a war that would have torn it apart. In either case, this is now part of the law Amaunator upholds. Throughout the ages, he has many times acted as judge between gods and mortals alike. The only one considered fairer is Primus who, being the central being of Mechanus - the realm of ultimate law.

Gender Identity

Amaunator is usually considered male, though he has certainly appeared in female form more than once and quite often as a genderless androgynous being. Still, when a pronoun is needed, his followers tend towards a masculine one.


Contacts & Relations

For the most part, Amaunator and Selûne remain allies, though they might well disagree on many issues. In particular because the goddess of the moon prefer to good in a more subtle way where she helps the many, while the god of the sun has a much more heavy-handed approach where a select few are given power over the many.   Shar tried to kill Amaunator as soon as he was created. That sort of thing is hard to get over, but still the sun god strives to be just rather than outright shun the goddess of darkness. Unfortunately, she doesn't return the courtesy.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Yellow God
Keeper of the Eternal Sun
Keeper of Law
Keeper of the Yellow Sun
The Light of the Law
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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