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Sh'areen Caliphate

The Sh'areen Caliphate is thousands of years old, but it has had many dynasties that have functioned in various ways, and its power has waxed and waned many times. It is the largest nation in the most southern part of the Alhowath continent and is currently in a financially advantageous position compared to most of its trading parties. This has meant an influx of money for the wealthiest and for those who benefit from trade but has incurred hardship on those who provide products that are now easier to import, and on those who mine the precious jewels hidden beneath the Sa'ar Desert.


Ruled by a Caliph, with the help of a council of advisors. Local Qel'tath rule over the various districts of the nation as head of their houses.   The central government consists of the, theoretically all-powerful Caliph, advised by the Divine Guides. Any political decision the Caliph deems too large for them alone to take is given to the Sh'areen Senate.   The many noble houses of the Caliphate form an intricate web of alliances and polite coldness.

Public Agenda

The Caliphate has very strong ties to the Church of Amaunator and has its foundation in spreading the ideals of that deity. That said, it accepts most other religion as long as they don't cause any trouble. Primarily, worship of Mystra , Selûne, Sune, Oghma, and Mercantor, as well as their Exalted, are seen as sanctioned. The Deities who created the non-human races such as elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes, are usually simply ignored.   The other major endeavour of the caliphate has to do with trade. It isn't the most advanced area in the world, but it is arguably the richest. Centuries of cultivating business along with an uncanny amount of raw magic have made it a central hub despite its inhospitable climate.

Demography and Population

Majority of humans. A sizable portion of gnomes, sand elves, genasi.


The Protectors of the Sun are both the military and police throughout the empire. On top of that, the major noble houses have their own peacekeeping force, but it is strictly regulated how large and how armed this force is. The Laerite Rebellion taught the central government a valuable lesson. And the Protectors can, at least in theory, take command of any local forces should they desire. However, this hasn't been tested.   At any given time, the standing army is quite significant considering the population, but the Caliphate is geographically extensive, and some border areas are populated by only Protectors and the towns that have grown up around the outposts.

Foreign Relations

Agriculture & Industry

Most of the Caliphate is located within a desert and as such has serious problems with agriculture and even hunting. But both plants and animals thrive in the hot and dry climate. And towns usually grow around an oasis. On top of this, there are a few Oasis Stones claimed by some of the older noble houses. They create large, fertile, lands around them and are often the sites for larger cities.   There are many mines throughout the nation, as the ground is rich in minerals, gems, and natural deposits of raw magic. Dwarves and gnomes are often involved in this, of course, but mining is also a conventional industry for humans and half-orcs as well.

Live in the Sun, Die by the Sun


  • Sa'ar Desert
    The lands of Sh'areen are mostly desert but holds great treasures beneath the sands.
  • Solaris
    The capitol of the Sh'areen Caliphate
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The blue crystals known as Souls are each worth 10 platinum Circles, or 100 golden Suns, or 1,000 silver Moons, or 10,000 copper Pieces. The currency is a strong one and often the rest of the world use the Sun as the go-to coin of international trade, effectively tying other currencies to it.
Legislative Body
Sh'areen Senate sets regulations not ordained by the Caliph. The Divine Guides are tasked with advising the Caliph.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Articles under Sh'areen Caliphate

  • 2595 BSR

    2530 BSR

    First Burning War
    Military action

    Sa'ar Desert
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    First Burning War
  • 653 BSR

    649 BSR


    Second Burning War
    Military action

    The Sh'areen Calipahte expanded through conquest of the southern reaches of the continent.

    Additional timelines
  • 548 BSR

    House Atzih
    Political event

    House Atzih rises to the status of a noble house within the Caliphate.

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    House Atzih
  • 472 BSR

    23 Leaffall
    468 BSR

    18 Leaffall

    Laerite Rebellion
    Military action

    Several noble houses and other factions tried to form a new nation out of the southern parts of the Sh'areen Caliphate. This ultimately failed and resulted in the disgrace or disbandment of the groups involved.

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    Laerite Rebellion
    Additional timelines
  • 30 SR

    Losheh Coalition is assimilated into the Sh'reen Caliphate
    Political event

    The free cities of the Losheh Coalition agree, after much preassure, to become pats of the Sh'areen Caliphate provided they get some autonomy.

  • 206 SR

    208 SR

    War of the Dunes
    Military action

    The Tsh'hakku , a cult of demon worshippers manage to open portals, bringing the Blood War to the material plane. Only strong dedication and the joint effort of several groups managed to defeat them.

    Sa'ar Desert
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    War of the Dunes
    Additional timelines
  • 980 SR

    House Redhok rises to major noble house
    Political event

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    House Redhok


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