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The leader of the Sh'areen Caliphate is actually a summoned Celestial who presumably acts on Amaunator's behaf. To question this is usually considered heresy or, at best, redicolous.   While the Caliph is theoretically not beholden to anyone in how they govern, they are summoned and advised by the Divine Guides, and the Sh'areen Senate represents the people governed and is therefore very much listened to. Caliphs have been known to disregard both of these groups on more than one occasion, but they do act as essential advisors.   The celestial that is a Caliph can live for a few centuries, but eventually, they will grow tired of their physical form and return to the realm from which they came. Also, while quite powerful in their own right, the Caliph can be killed. In either one of these situations, it is up to the Divine Guides to summon a new being to act as Caliph. This requires an extremely taxing ritual that also uses up an unknown amount of valuables. It also requires all seven Guides to be present.


The Caliph is the ultimate authority over anything the Caliphate does. They control the Protectors of the Sun, taxes, infrastructure, and so much more. Some argue that balancing these interests as well as they do would be an impossible task for any lesser beings. Others argue that the first group are simply trying to be chosen for prestigious positions.
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