Adamantine Tower

This large tower made of white stone is both the home of the Grand Vizier of Solaris, and the administrative headquarters for any practical matters regarding the city. It is always bustling with activity, and there are semaphores set up on the highest levels, used to communicate urgent messages to the walls to the Sky District, which might, in turn, pass the message on further out if needed.   The current Vizier is Hamman Starforge who has held the position for nearly 200 years. He is also a good friend of Dimitris who helped design parts of the city's infrastructure.

Purpose / Function

Whenever someone wants to influence or understand how Solaris is run, or need to get information about the city - this is the best place for it. Provided you have access to the Golden District, that is. But the people here are usually incredibly busy and getting someone to help out just because you ask nicely might be difficult.


The base of the tower is quite wide, but it tapers as one reaches the top. The lower two-thirds are dedicated to running the city, less and less public offices as one ascends. The top third is the home of the Grand Vizier and his family. This gives them a truly astonishing view of the city.
Alternative Names
Vizier's Spire
Government complex
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization


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