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Rusty Gauntlet

The Gauntlet isn't exactly a dive, but it's not far from it. The furnishings are simple and the food and drink aren't that impressive. But it's also cheap and safe - and sometimes that's all you're looking for.

Purpose / Function

Anyone who wants somewhere to stay for the night without spending much money but also not risking having their possession stolen, this is a good option. There are ample opportunity to pick fights with some of the biggest and burliest that Jolethai can offer - but if it risks the safety of others or the tavern, Guthin Bolster, the owner, will put a stop to it.


This is a two-floor clay building with a terras on the roof. The upper floor has the five rooms the inn can offer as well as a balcony. The ground floor has the tavern, the home of Guthin and his family, the kitchens, etc. There is also a basement for supplies and the like.
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