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The First  and Second Breaking  were events where part of reality was torn apart. Leading up to what is now known as year 0 almost everywhere, a similar rift threatened the material plane. The beings from outside normal planes manipulated several powerful beings, including a few demon princes and many strange entities and various mortals. The result darkened the space between the planets, the sun, and the moon. All around the world, cracks formed beneath the surface and strange glow from below affected those nearby. Some went insane, some had their bodies fail on them, and some gained destructive and unpredictable powers.   All gods and many other beings were powerless to stop this at first. And as the calamity spread, the powers of the gods waned. The mysterious forces unleashed from within the world was all that allowed mortals to survive as climates collapsed and food became scarce. This was year 1 BSR and started during the end of summer. Only with the coordinated efforts of champions from all over the world was the source of the event found. Precisely what happened isn't known, but there was an intense blaze of light rising from both poles, spreading until the world was illuminated. When night arrived, it was once again starlit and with a full moon. The heroes have not been seen since.  

The Sunset

Five ancient beings were lurking outside normal reality that hatched the plan. Their exact motives and their methods aren't known, and they likely go by several pseudonyms. This is one reason warlocks are often assumed to be bad people as they might be in league with one of these entities, even if they don't know it. They are rarely able to do anything directly to deal with the world, possibly because it would be toxic to their physique in some way. Instead, they appear in dreams and visions, haunting those who resist them and tempting with powers to those who want to serve.  
Known as the Seething Eye, it appears mostly in the form of a single eye floating in the sky, surrounded by dark tendrils that seek out everything nearby. Karx'oleth is aware of many secrets and can see into the minds of those it focuses on. The eye can penetrate even the most intricate of illusions or mental barriers.
The crawling shadow is rarely seen in its entirety; instead, its presence is known through dar shadows rolling in like mist through the nightmarish dream where it appears. Whispers and mind-games are all part of what the crawling shadow does. Most of the time, it seems more like a twisted sort of game, but sometimes it becomes apparent that results were planned centuries before and the true machinations of Shahzia weren't understood until it was too late.
This nightmarish entity is known as the reaching depths for good reason. It usually appears as a nightmare of tentacles and claws reaching up from under the ground of from the depths of the oceans. It seems to want little besides destruction and suffering. It doesn't always want death, but would rather toy with its food.
Also known as branches of nightmares, Twilz'lth shows up in the guise of familiar parts of nature, twisted and corrupted. Her desires make the natural world become a mockery of itself and a constant threat to all who come into contact with it.
The torn blood is maybe the most carnal od these entities. It usually takes the form of blood, dripping everywhere and speaking to those it is trying to influence. Sometimes it behaves as if possessing the blood inside the very being it reaches out to, forcing motions or causing the blood to boil. Everywhere its influence grows stronger, death and violence follow suit.

Agents of the destroyers

Demogorgon led his armies on a rare assault on the material plane, which led to Asmodeus delegating devils to fight the Blood War there. But master arcane users from each of the outer realms as well as the material planes had all gathered separate quests that made them create and activate powerful artefacts. All of these things contributed to a massive ritual that caused fractures in the space occupied by the planet. The artefacts themselves self-destructed, killing most of those who had set them up. This also created power struggles in many places as some of those with great influence had now died.   None of the gods truly noticed until it was too late, and by then, their ability to interfere was even more limited than usual. What was clear was that the world was about to rupture and all planes would likely rip apart as a result. At this point, even most of the demon princes, including Demogorgon, were fighting this Sunset as much as the rest. Shar light like the darkness, but her lost power and the strange other phenomena made her fight to save the world as much as any other. Some say that she contributed secrets without the world would have been lost.  

The Darkness

When the world went dark, panic spread thought the world. Some communities even collapsed or had revolutions as a result. After a while, the shock turned into despair more than anything else. But soon after the darkness came, the ground split into crevices into many places, and strange glowing light emerged. Those who came too close got radiation burns and were almost certainly mentally or physically altered by the experience. Insanity was common, as were horrid mutations. There were more than a few cases of people gaining strange supernatural abilities, but those powers were unstable and usually contributed to the insanity. The Burnt, as they were known, were either avoided like the plague or isolated in less than humane treatment centres.  
My left side feels like it's burning, and I can see the purple flames around it, but it causes no damage. Sometimes I think this is the only thing that still makes me feel alive as I watch the flames reach out for the attending nurse. I don't want to burn her, but my arm still reaches for her throat and the boils in my face hurt as the grin spreads across my lips. I don't want to hurt her... But her screams make me feel alive again.
— Burnt victim during the darkness
  There are still areas that are avoided because of possible remnants of these holes in the ground. Sometimes the stories of what's down there are real.  

The Sunrise

The gods were eventually able to reach through the darkness created with the help of mortal champions. The mortals sacrificed themselves as their souls were used to patch the planes and restore existence. They did this at what would already be the darkest night of the year. Thus, this marks the beginning of year 1 according to the Sunrise Calendar.   Every major god had their own champion, and several minor gods and primordials added their own. These individuals are now considered saints by the worshippers of their respective gods. Among other festivities, they are revered during the Sunrise New Year alongside any other celebrations.


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