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Tower of Broken Sands

The exact construction year for this building isn't known, but it was most likely erected sometime in the early third century BR. It was sundered during the Sunrise. Only its inner magic prevented it from collapsing, but a large part of its eastern side has crumbled. From the outside, these floors of the tower look like they are only filled with sand pouring out and onto the ground. From the inside, the tower is, if anything, bigger than it was. But the inside is truly confusing to anyone who hasn't lived there.   It is the home of the Stellaris Academy, a major magic academy based in Jolethai. The academy is heavily tied to the Academia Arcanum, but not formally a part of it.

Purpose / Function

Many wizards and other students of magic spend time here to practice their art. Of course, getting into the academy requires money, talent, or preferably both. That said, they do take a keen interest when they encounter someone who might bring prestige to themselves and to the Tower.
College / Academy
Parent Location

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