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Noble Dawn Inn

If you're staying in Jolethai, and you want to do so in comfort and style - the Noble Dawn Inn is where you go. The exterior is well polished and grand. The interior is mostly made out of polished wood and elegant fabrics.   There is a restaurant with good food and even higher prices. The selection of wines is truly impressive. But most importantly, the rooms are spacious, luxurious, and holds a nice temperature. Beds are as comfortable as they come and to anyone who has been on the road for a while, they feel like a sice of Elysium.


The building is three stories high, with an extra half-floor that uses the roof as a balcony. The lowest floor extends slightly in order to accommodate all the facilities. No staff lives here, however. At least one person is at the bar at all times, and even during the night, two people will be if the hotel is fully booked.
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