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House Seelon

One of the oldest noble houses of the Sh'areen Calipahte, the exact date of the house's founding is not certain, but it was elevated to its current status in 709 BR. However, it has rarely been an important player and has survived more by staying out of the way of major houses than by having its own conquests. Only twice during history has House Seelon truly expanded.   In 650 BR, during the Caliphate's expansion south during the Second Burning War, House Seelon took control over a large swath of land, all the way to the coast. It remained in this powerful position for nearly two centuries, until the Laerite rebellion in 472 BR where it lost almost all of its southern territory. The house would only garner more land again in 206 SR during the War of the Dunes after some excellent tactical manoeuvres by General Revnee Seelon. However, when Caliph Nayehm regained power over the whole of the Caliphate, the dissident Houses could either be wiped out or pay tithe in the form of land to the Caliph. Seelon choose to the latter and was reduced to close to its current size in 322 SR. The only changes to the house's territory since have been due to marriages and trades.   The home of the house has always been the town of Jolethai, but actual rule and administration as often been elsewhere as the town can only support so many.


The Qel'tath of the house is its absolute ruler. At least in theory, as several senior members can agree to remove the current Qel'tath from their position.   The title is hereditary, but exclusions can be made based on (lack of) merit, and the rules should there not be an obvious heir can be rather complicated.

Public Agenda

There are those who still question the loyalty to the Caliph by House Seelon, and a lot of effort must be taken so as to not have this leveraged against them. They are mostly focused on trade, and to some extent mining, and the house puts great effort into that being the perception.  

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