Seelon Principality

This section of the Sa'ar Desert has been controlled by House Seelon for many centuries with little change to its borders. And it remains steadfast one of the core parts of the Sh'areen Caliphate.


The area is almost entirely a rock desert, with some areas worn down by erosion enough to be more like windswept sand. The largest rocks rise up to ten metres up in the air. These have been used as mines by the desert dwarves living here as well as some gnome communities.

Fauna & Flora

There are whole colonies of digbears and a whole lot of dangerous other animals, such as crystalhorns. Shadows and some magically affected areas have some vegetation. And of course, there are several oases around which settlements have sprung, and that has given way to both its own flora and fauna, as well as bringing various grains to the area artificially.

Natural Resources

Besides the resources found in the rocks above ground, there are many valuable crystalline formations underground. In fact the Underdark under the Sa'ar Desert isn't always all that dark...


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