Aash Ha'sodh

This is a village in Seelon Principality, east of Jolethai. It straddles Ivory Road as it heads towards Ha'deibil Principality.   The road is surrounded by cliffs and hills in this area, and it became a natural spot to seek shelter for travellers. This resulted in a permanent place for a small market as well as a need for lodging. A deep well has been dug and provides just enough water for the village's needs. There is a little bit of farming as well as hunting. The latter has also led to a fairly successful tannery.


The Magistrate, Naasha Thali, answers to Qel'tath Anhara Seelon. They have great freedom in how they rule as long as everything goes smoothly. And Naasha has no interest in things ever beeing less than smooth. Or requiring too much work.


The Magistrate has three members of the House Seelon Guard at hand. Reinforcements can be called on from Jolethai if needed. There are no fortifications to speak of other than the wall around the Magistrate's manor. But even that wall is more intended as discouragement than actual defence.


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