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Halls of Consideration

This is the heart of power in Kar Dulehun. It functions as palace for Thrungar Erebas and her court, it has the council chambers for the larger government, and it houses the central administration for the city. If what you need has to do with how the city and its surroundings are managed, this is where you'll want to go.

Purpose / Function

Any form of a permit within the city, or any access to detailed information about it, can be gained here. The system is designed to be very straight-forward rather than comprehensive. This means that you can get what you want without too much fuss, but it is elementary to trace who gained access to what when.   For those hoping to gain access to the Matriarch herself, or someone else at court, that is a lot harder. It requires some immediate connection or reason for her to believe that your errand requires immediate attention. She might also be persuaded to talk face to face regarding secrets others shouldn't hear about.


The Halls are built into the mountain, just like almost every other part of the city. The insides are made to be massive and impressive. Parts were destroyed by the Illithid who took power for a while, but much has been restored or reworked.   Massive pillars and impressive walls and floors are decorated both with well-crafted stonework as well as gems and gold. Much of it uses iconography and writing that harkens back to ancient times.
Alternative Names
Erebas Palace
Parent Location


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