Kar Dulehun

While "kar" means fort, the city is more of a typical dwarven city. There is a small settlement on the surface and then a wide network of fortified tunnels and mines below. There are many layers to explore here, not just literally. The first impression of Dulehun is likely one of awe at the grand halls. Then a small disappointment as it doesn't show off wealth like many other cities of its kind. But then discovering that wealth being spread out everywhere and always bringing beauty.


Clan Erebas are formal rulers of the hold and are considered nobility by the Sh'areen Caliphate. They are counselled by representatives of each of the seven clans here, as well as one representative of the guilds, but in theory, they can overrule all of them. In practice, this would be very dangerous, and they tend to side with the majority of the council. A large part of their actual power stems from being the liaisons to anyone outside the city.   The current matriarch of clan Erebas is Thrungar, who is starting to get even by dwarven standards. But this also means that she is cunning and always on top of the situation. Her successor will be elected within the clan, but it better be someone as shrewd.


The Protectors of the Sun stationed here are almost all of them dwarves. Most of the city relies on a special branch of the House Seelon Guard that consists of those who grew up here or are otherwise already part of the city life. Non-dwarf Protectors are looked at with suspicion.

Industry & Trade

The mines below Dulehan are still very much active. They don't just provide various metals, but also other materials rarely found above the surface in the desert. There have also been more than a few finds of precious gems. In total, this makes the city well-off, but they prefer to keep a low profile over engaging in too much trade.

Guilds and Factions

There are two overlapping structures within Kar Dulehan: the clans and the guilds. The clans own the mines below the city and are the political power. The guilds represent specific kinds of workers and make sure that the clans don't forget about the needs of those workers. The guilds as a whole also have a representative at court. While there is a power imbalance, it doesn't affect the city as much as one could expect. This is mostly because issues are handled within each clan and guilds will only make a conflict public if they really can't find a different solution.


Dulehun was originally known as the Mines of Erbak after the Erebas clan who ruled it. The mines were eventually attacked by Illithid minions and became a hive for centuries. It was eventually retaken by an alliance of several clans, and heavily assisted by House Seelon, led by the old rulers of the mine.   The former mining city was reworked to also function life a fort and bulwark against any attacks from below. They also formally swore allegiance to House Seelon. The leaders of that house have all understood the importance of having the new renamed Kar Dulehun to protect against the dangers of the Underdark.


The upper city is a small settlement mostly intended for traders who are reluctant to ender the halls below. Following the mighty main doors into the mountain, one is taken to many impressive spaces of grandeur. These kinds of areas are mostly for official business or when interacting with strangers. Most of the city consists of winding corridors and chambers that are hard for anyone but a dwarf to navigate.   In a similar fashion, decorations tend to vary from grandiose splendour to simple and practical.
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