Haerran's Inn

Southeast of Jolethai, along a narrow road north, there used to be an inn. It was never very popular, but it made enough money to survive. It was built into what had been an attempt at a mine that was abandoned after just a couple of levels. But then, there was a fire.   It is unclear as to how it started, but fumes rose from the lowest levels and quickly slipped through every nook and cranny. Whole families staying there died in panic in their rooms as fumes made them suffocate. The cries alarmed a pair of night-travellers nearby, but when they arrived, all sound stopped at once. They rushed in to help but say they were thwarted by people that were only shapes in the smoke. Even a few years later, smoke billows from the door and from a pair of open windows, giving the facade the impression of a large skull with fuming eyes and mouth.  


Ever since it burned, the inn is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former staff and the guests who stayed there. If they are trying to get revenge, they are acting against their own interest as the few who have come out alive report being attacked. Most who have gone in have simply not been seen again. There are even a few who claim to have seen the ones who have gone in before among the faces in the smoke.   As to defeating the ghosts, at least one cleric of the Raven Queen has gone in to cleanse the ghosts, but never cam back. What it would take to permanently have the spirits move on is unclear, but possibly a worthy cause for those who dare enter.
1359 SR
Alternative Names
Restless' Inn
Parent Location


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