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Dulehun Market

Quite close to the entrance to Kar Dulehun┬álies a large area that is crowded by merchants, local and foreign. Merchants from other places trade with their counterparts here, but it is also where many living in the topmost levels of the city come to make purchases. It is by far the place with the greatest variation in what you can buy, but it is also easy to get swindled on the price. In fact, unless you are a licensed merchant of the city, you will likely get very high prices.   On top of worrying about how much money you should actually spend, the market is full of pickpockets and con artists. The performer in the corner might try to get your coin in return for their music. Or their friend tries to rob you while you're watching. Or both. But the Protectors of the Sun who are stationed here are not only vigilant but also ruthless when needed.

Purpose / Function

The only place nearby one might find a more eclectic selection of wares is in Jolethai. Better deals and higher quality can likely be found somewhere deeper into the city, but not with this density and variation in one location.


The cavern that makes up the market is shaped like an oval, with a regular pattern of pillars keeping the ceiling up. Between the pillars are lines of rope. These ropes are in turn used by merchants who want to hang either their wares from them or to hang fabric to hide their supply and the private area behind their stall.
Alternative Names
Hall of Golden Stones
Market square
Parent Location


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