Alterius Roadhouse

Located a few hours north of Jolethai, suitable for those who want to have somewhere to stay on their way to or from the city without arriving too late or leaving too early. Unfortunately, it also used to be a tiny bit too close for this to be worth it for a very simple inn with very little going for it. This changed at the very end of 1364 SR as new owners took over. Since then, the place has become increasingly popular, despite not advertising.   At least part of the explanation for this new popularity is the fact that it doubles as a brothel that is very generous in what kinds of tastes it caters to. And everyone in the current staff is available in any configuration. All of those working here are extremely attractive at least to some tastes. In fact, the establishment might seem more interested in providing these services that they are charging for them.   The establishment consists of two structures. The smaller of them is a stable that also has a couple of store rooms. The larger one is built into the side of a cliff with the top part of the natural formation sticking out sightly and providing shade and shelter for the building below. this also means that it is very difficult to approach the inn from above, making it safer against raiders.


The building has three floors above ground and a basement level below. The ground floor has the main room, including stage, bar and many booths for more private conversations. This is also where the kitchens and offices are. In a side area, with an additional entrance, are some communal baths.   The second and third floors have guest rooms, some communal entertainment rooms, and some storage. The third floor is fairly small while the second stretches into the cliff enough for more rooms. Parts of these are very newly built as popularity of the establishment has grown. At the same time, some walls have been made thicker to provide more sound insulation.
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