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Ordhanni Oddities

Every place gathers its fair share of odd mysteries and possible truths. Not every magic item end up in places such as the Shop of Holding and not everyone turns to the temples for answers. Ordhanni collects all the interesting curiosities she can from those travelling through Jolethai and offers them to those interested in the strange. For customers seeking more personal truths, she offers various divination services.   The veracity of anything offered here can be questioned, of course. That said, Ordhanni is right much more often than she isn't and some items in here do have actual magical properties. Others swear by things bought here having an effect despite not being magical. And, of course, there are plenty of curious trinkets that are interesting in their own right.

Purpose / Function

Want to get your fortune told? Looking for some strange potion or peculiar item? Hoping to make a magical bargain? There are many possible reasons to visit Ordhanni's Oddities, but one should never expect to be able to find anything in particular as inventory changes drastically.


The ground floor is completely taken up by the shop, with the basement acting as storage and kitchen. Upstairs has the living quarters for Ordhanni and her husband and wife. The top floor has some extra living space and a balcony that doubles as a garden. The building itself is a simple sandstone.
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