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Pleasing Emerald

This is one of the bathhouses in Jolethai that offer a pleasant relaxation for locals and weary travellers alive. The Pleasing Emerald prides itself on designing an experience tailored to each individual customer. This might include anything from a simple bath to massage, oil therapy, and a meal.


The surface part of the building is one floor but with a roof used for growing herbs and for heating water using the sun during the day. There are two levels of basement. The first has most of the rejuvenating facilities, including the large bath that takes in water directly from the spring outside. The second basement is technically below water level, but well insulated from leaks. It has storage and some additional facilities should they be required.   The style is a very traditional Sh'reen, with tall arches and colourful patterns. The underground levels are built with marble in order to keep them protected from the water.


While the building itself was erected in 1291 as a private residence, it didn't become a public bath until 1333 when purchased by one Halymal Selestra. It has a change of ownership in 1446 after the death of Selestra and has run smoothly since.
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