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Bonvin's Books and Binders

While the desert air might seem dry, the interior of this two-storey building somehow seems more so, even in the Jolethai oasis. It's like the very atmosphere takes after the personality of the owner, Bonvi, the curious gnome owner. They are friendly enough and will happily engage customers on more or less any topic and if very knowledgable about what's in all the books for sale. However, the tales tend to be boring and told in a way that could put an elf to sleep.   The ground floor is filled with books in overflowing bookshelves. The upper floor also has papers, inks, and maps. In the back, there is equipment for bookbinding and printing of pages. Making a book is quite expensive, but if enough copies are sold, it is possible to make a profit.


As is usual in Jolethai, the outside of the building is made from light clay that reflects most of the sunlight. There are windows, but they have mostly dusted over and become semi-opaque. There is no counter to pay at, instead, Bonvin seems ever present in every part of the shop.
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