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Shop of Holding

This small-ish looking blue building has a simple black wooden sign with golden text above the door, announcing its name and what it sells. Indoors it has three stories and a whole section of "...of Holding" items. Most of the items here are of the more simple variety, even though some of them might not actually be very common. But there is certainly the possibility for more rare and wondrous items for adventurers willing to pay...   Most things can be brought in a matter of days if needed, through a teleportation circle, but that will add a lot to the cost.

Purpose / Function

For anyone in Jolethai needing upgrades in the form of magic items, or would like to sell such off - this is the place to go. For potions of healing, Nature's Salves might also be a good source, as Shop of Holding doesn't carry a huge supply - especially not of low-level ones.


Laurern Snow founded the shop after a long life as a travelling adventurer. They don't like to talk about that time much, but they have significant skills with magic items and enchanted her store them.
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