Located just east of the Jolenri River, south of Jolethai, Itchal is an important agricultural hub. The fields between the town and the river supplies food for the rest of the Principality, second only to Sha'aiha. Many traders cross the river between these two settlements in order to gather different merchandise.   The name of the town stems from Itchal Seelon who had the town rebuilt and protected by a wall after it had been destroyed in a raid during the Second Burning War.


While most of the inhabitants are humans, there are significant minorities of both gnomes and half-elves. Most are involved in farming in one way or another, or in the supply of goods and services to said farmers. While there is a couple of shops, most trade is direct with merchants passing by.


Magistrate Haa'qinea Nassaan is in charge of the administration and safety of Itchal. She is a woman with a strong personality and no time for nonsense. She is also known for treating local members of both House Seelon Guard and the Protectors of the Sun as if they were under her direct command. Luckily she is wise enough to allocate resources very well.


The original founding of the town dates back to somewhere during the third-century BSR, but it has been reformed several times since then. Most recently, it was completely destroyed during the Second Burning War. Itchal Seelon made an effort to rebuild using his own finances, and to place the town under special protection for the rest of his life.
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