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Museum of the Golden Caliphate

The foundation of this museum was laid after the Second Burning War as a means to remember what had been fought for. The museum received rather generous founding for a while. but for the past century and a half, its resources have dwindled. As a result, few expeditions to add to the collections are made and some of the existing artefacts are in less good condition than desired.   Despite the lowered funds, the main exhibition is quite spectacular, and a mandatory part of schooling. The origins of the Sh'areen Caliphate¬†as well as the history of Seelon Principality are told with a great emphasis on drama. It's hard to leave without a sense of awe towards both the Caliphate as a nation and the Caliphs as guides.

Purpose / Function

Those who don't learn their history are doomed to repeat it. The museum itself is a great place to understand the great picture that is the Caliphate and interact with what made it what it is. For those with access, the collections contain many objects that might be important to investigate any time period. Any magical items have already been detected as such, but some of them are still here for one reason or another.   The museum also provides one vital function: propaganda. The Caliphate needs its citizens to support what it does. If it had to constantly prove itself again and again, it wouldn't have any resources left to actually govern. Thus, places like the Golden Museum are intended to instil visitors with as much reverence as possible.


The three-storey building has four wings that are each only two floors. One of the wings and most of the second floor of all are only used for administration and storing collections. The third floor is covered by a brass dome and used both as an exhibition hall and as a study.   Impressive, but dusty and slightly worn, tapestries adorn every room open to the public. Elegant statues mark every corner and door.
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Golden Museum
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