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The Sinkhole

Some in Jolethai, as well as those who travel, are more comfortable underground than above. For them, the Sinkhole is the tavern of choice.   The Sinkhole has three stories, but only one is above ground. The rest stretch out more extensively to accommodate a large crowd if needed. This also means that the venue is a pleasantly cool temperature around the clock. Some areas have such a low ceiling that they are uncomfortable to anyone taller than an average dwarf. This isn't an attempt to exclude others, but merely a way of building more easily, knowing that most customers will be able to dine here anyway.   There a many candles providing light and adding to the atmosphere. The air smells of ale, dust, and various stews. Voices vary from very hushed to loud and emotional. There is a sense of kinship between those used to living underground, which also breeds suspicion against surface dwellers.   The owners of the establishment are a family of gnomes known as Milderart. Daasidvar Milderart is the current manager. He is extremely dedicated and puts his heart and soul into the tavern. He also expects every other member of the family to do the same, which isn't always appreciated.

Purpose / Function

Rock gnomes, dwarves, earth genasi, the occational drow - they all seek out the Sinkhole when they can. It just feels better to be surrounded by rock. Others come here for the stable temperature, the simple but well cooked food, or just the feeling of being held from all directions.


The building above ground is a small-ish one. The roof is used to grow various herbs for the food, but other than that, there are few embellishments. Inside is a bar, behind which is the kitchen and also the home of the owners. A large staircase leads down to the upper underground floor.   The lower floors are mostly seating areas with an extra bar for those who don't want to go all the way up again. There is also a stage on the bottom floor with a hole with railing on the floor above it to enable everyone to hear. Both music, poetry, and theatre have been performed here. Rumours of any fights are quickly hushed.


The Sinkhole has been around for a couple of centuries now. Before it was a tavern, the building was a small extra prison for a short while. Before that it was simply storage for the Palace.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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