Located soth of Jolethai in Seelon Principality, along Jolenri River. The proximity to the river means the land is unusually fertile for the Sa'ar Desert. This means that it is the primary source of agriculture in the nearby area, but it is also surrounded by several vineyards.   The gound is rich in minerals which makes for hardy crops, though not always the best tasting.


While most of the population is human or half-elf, there are several vineyards run by elven families. There are a few members of other races, but not more than a family or two. The average age is relatively low as hard work brings the life expectancy down. The exceptions are the minor nobles and richer families.


A couple of Protectors of the Sun are stationed here at all times with the House Seelon Guard only being able to be there intermittently. The richest vineyards have hired their own guards to patrol their estates.

Guilds and Factions

There is a constant low-level conflict between the richer owners of the vineyards and the peasants who grow the crops that provide food for the area. Outsiders do best not taking sides in this or the tension might rise to the point of physical combat.


Most houses in the town are at least two floors, with the ground floor being used for storage as well as anything else that has to be on that level. Social areas are usually outdoors with a marquee providing shade.
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