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Chorlonni Mannor

The Chorlonni family owns a couple of minor estates nearby areas, but their manor lies within the city of Jolethai in order to be closer to the seat of power. That power, at the moment, mostly means Qel'tath Anhara Seelon. Unfortunately, the Qel'tath is not one for sharing and the Chorlonni have had to rely on their own strengths for the past several decades.   The manor itself is a large and very ornate building. It has its own stables and together with the main building and a side wing, it forms a U-shape around a courtyard. All of it is on a small island of sorts in the Jolenri River just before it passes under the city walls and further south. The side wing has two floors whereas the main building has three and a large terras on the roof.   Guests are entertained on the lowest floor while the family's living quarters are on the second. The third floor has a mix of the two and also more private collections.
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