Inn of the Lamp

Travelling along the Ivory Road between Aash Ha'sodh and Jolethai can be a long journey and even those who travel fast will want somewhere to stay the night. The Inn of the Lamp is that place.  


Zahidji Wine
- Bottle 4 gp
- Clas 5 sp
AĆ«delan wine
- Bottle 10 gp
- Glass 2 sp
Askarus ale (mug) 5 sp
- Bottle 3 gp
- Cup 7 sp
Odhan'ihn (glass) 6 cp
Camel Spit 2 cp
2 cp
Coffee 1 cp
Tea 1 cp


Lahaathen Stew 5 sp
Vegitable soup 1 sp
Couscous 2 sp
Falafel 1 sp
Torshi Seer 5 cp
Hummus 8 cp
Ha'garainn 4 sp
Breakfast 1 sp
Mazah'sakhan 1 cp
Mazath'ihr 2 cp
Goat's milk with honey 1 sp
Bakalva 3 cp


Single room 1 gp
Double room 8 sp / guest
Four bed room 3 sp / guest
Extra bed (max 1 per room) 5 sp


Stable, including feed 2 sp
Messenger (per expected day of travel including return) 5 sp
Bath 2 sp
Washing clothes 2 sp
Basic mending of clothes and simple armor 8 sp
Ad on the notice board / week 5 sp
Intimate services, if availiable 5 gp


The inn consists of three separate buildings, arranged around a common courtyard. One building is the stable, with its loft being used for fodder and supplies. The next building is home to those who work here, but it also has the bath that is accessible to guests, as well as some general maintenance areas. The final but largest building has rooms, kitchens, and all social space.   All three buildings are made from sandstone and decorated in a traditions Sh'reen style. The main structure is the most decorated by far and the only one painted in bright colours. Interiors use a mix of sandstone and wood.


Kashee ar-Nath founded the inn at the set of an old farm that burned down. It has since become a very popular stop on the road, and many make sure to plan their journey accordingly. Part of the allure might be the owner himself and his strange but friendly ways, part of it might be the surprisingly high quality of the food.
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