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Asefeh's baths

This is a very nice bathhouse with two larger pools (suitable for up to 8 people), and four smaller ones (suitable for up to 3 people). They can also provide massage, aromatic oils and similar. And, for those who know how to ask discreetly, they can provide more intimate services.   Asefeh has a staff of three that help with the bath, and an additional four prostitutes that also are available to the bathhouse.  
Seat in a larger pool3 sp
Rent all of a larger pool1 gp, 5 sp
Seat in a smaller pool5 sp
Rent all of a smaller pool1 gp
Massage5 sp
Aromatic treatment2 sp
Skin care3 sp
Healing herbs2 sp

Purpose / Function

This is a place to relax, for adventurers and locals alike. They provide most things one might want to get away from any stress.


While the exterior isn't that much more impressive than the other buildings around, the interior has been made more luxurious at great expense.
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