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Jolethai temple of Oghma

While not as impressive as most of the other temples nearby, it is the largest repository of knowledge open to the public in Jolethai. The Tower of Old Sands have a much larger arcane collection, and the library in the Jewel Palace has much on history, politics, and fiction. But neither is accessible to someone who isn't part of that organisation.   In the temple, the handful of priests do their best to take care of their collections. They work together with the teachers of the city to provide materials for those learning. This deal is also a large part of how they get money, as the public funds for education come their way. As for books, the majority are donations from generous people of faith.   There are three fully-fledged priests and four acolytes in training. The latter are often directed to copy texts to memorise them, which means ordering a copy of something isn't expensive but might take time.  
Samaithel Laathar
Raavin Kaithin
Eshacha Nielther
Sha'tuna Ruudh

Purpose / Function

The temple serves a dual purpose: seeking guidance from the god Oghma and showing faith in him, but also to learn things that might not be found out other ways. The temple itself has more bookshelves than pews, and the altar itself has a book and implements for worshippers to write down the knowledge they have gained. Sometimes that is required along a possible monetary contribution for the priests to aid in some kind of research.


The top out of the three stories of this stone and clay building is a dome with windows in all directions. It acts as a reading room as well as a workroom for the clergy. The first floor houses the majority of the collections the temple owns. Sections are kept separate, but to keep them safe from thieves and to keep them safe in case of a fire or other hazards. This way, the problem can't easily spread throughout all of it.   The ground floor houses the temple hall as well as the living quarters of the clergy. Only commonly accessed books and scrolls are located here, in the main room.
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