Jolethai Auction and Trade House

Jolethai Auction and Trade House

Like many larger cities, Jolethai has a need to organise the merchants who regularly trade there. This is especially true if you ask said merchants and how they might encounter competition from others. Anyone wanting to trade for an extended period of time may apply for (admittedly low cost) membership to benefit from the Trade House's networks and connections. Those who don't pay the fee usually find themselves without anyone wanting to trade with them.

Purpose / Function

The Trade House itself has two functions. One is to be a warehouse and trading facility for merchants. Bring in your grain and the House will sell it for you to other traders and give you compensation. Or you can barter various goods. The other part of the House is more directed towards end customers. It is an auction house where both expensive and inexpensive things are sold on a weekly basis (usually on Ninthday). For anyone interested in making a bargain, or getting something to increase their status - this is the place to go.   One thing that is never traded here is slaves. They are all too valuable and most feel that it is important to find a connection beyond the superficial. That doesn't mean that this trade doesn't exist, but it's not conducted here.


The building is quite large and for the most part two floors with a third in the form of a tower with a basilica top. The facade is decorated with palm tree wood in addition to its polished stone while the structure forms two sides of a square, the yard in the middle doubles as a place for meetings and for holding carts and other goods more suited for outdoor storage.
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