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Maahi Palace

This upper-class restaurant serves dishes normally unattainable in the region - primarily fish, but also some rare birds. The very exclusive ingredients mean they can charge a very high amount for any course, and dinner here will likely cost a lot more than 50 gold. Plus wine, which also isn't cheap.   The Maahi Palace is often charged to go catering for important guests to the Jewel Palace and to the members of House Seelon itself. The Chorlonni family also often use the restaurant to impress guests.   The staff here is reserved but polite. Though, you should look proper enough for the establishment unless you want to be gently, but firmly, shown the way out.


The interior is mostly very minimalistic, using light and dark wood. Everything is presented in a very clean and neat way, with nothing allowed to disturb the atmosphere. The back is more hectic but focused on perfection. Fish are expensive enough around Jolethai that a chef making a single mistake is very bad for business.
Alternative Names
"When you Fish Upon a Star." "Fishes really do come true"
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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