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Chorlonni family

The second most important noble family in Jolethai after the ruling House Seelon. They have never been more than nobles, but that still places them clearly in the upper classes and they will make sure that is clear.   Despite the small rivalry, the familly has remained loyal to House Seelon throughout history. They were elevated to its current status after the War of the Dunes, sponsored by House Seelon.

Public Agenda

The family is heavily invested in trade and acts as a merchant company as well as a noble house. They also maintain some armed soldiers to protect their caravans and on occation, these soldiers have been employed as mercenaries. They are very careful to remain neutral in most cases, but they will defend their financial interests and their home city.


The Chorlonni mansion in Jolethai is the home of the ruling members of the family and provides housing for merchants and soldiers hired by them who are in the city. It is a beautiful building with the central structure clad in white marble with gold on its domes. The other buildings are heavily decorated stone with domed brass towers.   The family owns smaller trading houses in several small towns along trade routes where one can also buy some goods.
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Geopolitical, Lordship
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