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News Board

This half-circle wall is located in the market square, between the Jewel Palace and the street towards the northern gate. On the inner side of the wall, various proclamations and information from the city, House Seelon, or the Sh'areen Caliphate at large. It is kept clean and neat.   The outside of the wall is free to use for anyone in the city. The Seelon Guard write dates on new notes posted so that they can remove the oldest when there is no more room. Other than that, space is more or less just up for grabs to whoever puts things there first. This leads to a mess with everything from inviting people to a party, to complaining about the youth not respecting their elders, to rewards offered for various services. For anyone who doesn't know what else they might do - taking a gander at the aitze is a good start.
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