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Jewel Palace

The ancestral home of House Seelon lies at the heart of Jolethai. Beneath the palace lies an Oasis Stone which provide the water an nuitrition required to grow foods and have access to drinking and cleaning water.

Purpose / Function

Besides being the residence of any members of House Seelon that are in Jolethai as well as their servants, entertainers, and personal guard; Jolethai palace is the de facto political and judicial centre of Jolethai. Any court case will be brought to the attention of the Qel'tath or one of her subordinates. All administrative tasks in running the domain of the family originate within these walls.


Parts of the palace have been destroyed many times while others have been intentionally remodelled. These days, there a few sections underground that remain of the many thousand-year-old palace. Most of the structure above ground has been built in sections over the course of the past three hundred years.


A lot of the structure, in particular, any pillars, are made of light marble. Walls, interior as well as exterior, are made of thick stone covered in a white durable plaster. This helps keep the building cool.   Floors are often covered in mosaic in geometric patterns. In the main throne room, several areas have the mosaic displaying important moments and people in House Seelon#s history. There is plenty of ornamentation throughout the palace, but never enough to be overwhelming. Many doorways are simple arches covered with thin pieces of cloth.   There are several large, domed, towers with brass-covered tops that are visible for miles. These aren't as splendid on the inside as one might imagine since several of them are used for air defence rather than any official business. Still, the central tower has several of the more prestigious guest rooms.
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Seelon Palace
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