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House Seelon Guard

Like any noble house in the Sh'areen Caliphate, House Seelon has the right to personal body guards. Like most major houses, this has developed into a fully fledged police and military force. They guard both the city of Jolethai and the rest of the Seelon Pricipality in parallel with the Protectors of the Sun. Exactly who has jurisdiction is a matter of careful political manoeuvres, location, time, and who got first. Which also means that civilians will seek out different organisations for different things, depending on their wishes. For instance, the Guard tend to be more concerned with public safety and less with punishment, but they are also more thorough. They are also more well connected for the most part, which means more personal connections they don't want to hurt.


The Qel'tath is the formal head of the Guard, but most of it is delegated to its Captain who also leads the work in Jolethai itself. She has delegated Sergeants to handle more detailed work and to watch over smaller settlements. In return, these may deputise Sergeant-at-Arms to aid in any specific situations. Other than that, Guards handle any of the more detailed tasks.


The Guard can, in theory, force any able-bodied adult in the Principality to join, but in reality they not only don't do this but have a fairly rigorous selection process. The current Qel'tath, Anhara Seelon, has made very clear that she wants an elite force rather than a disparate militia.
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