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Anhara Seelon

The current Qel'tath of House Seelon , ruler of Jolethai. Anhara had to shoulder the responsibilities off her station. She never married and has no recognised heir, leaving ner nephew Ahneid Seelon next in line.

Physical Description

Body Features

Anhara's features are all delicate, if a tint bit sharp in places. She shows all the signs of someone who has been able to get in shape on her own time, while not wearing themselves out. To most, she would be seen as a gorgeous woman.

Apparel & Accessories

Anhara's clothes are almost always in her house's white and green. She prefers well-made garments with a few very elaborate details, and the rest left simple. She will use more extravagant clothes only when entertaining guests who might otherwise mistake her for someone of lower status if they're not careful. When in a more casual environment, she tends to wear lighter clothes to the point of being more or less undressed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anhara was forced to take o the role of Qel'tath quite early on in her life, and she has hardened as a result. She's used to everything around her being a political manoeuvre, and she has grown somewhat cynical over time. This jaded outlook might also be why, though she's had several suitors over the years, she has never let anyone close.   Over her more than thirty years in power, Anhara has learned a lot and has gone from a radical idealist to a careful tactician. She still has a desire to change the world at large, but it is tempered by pragmatism and a hint of paranoia. She has learned to make sure always to find someone else to suggest the change she means to implement and then be able to side with that person. In this way, she can be sure to never be completely alone in her stance. But her need for control has also made her wary of anyone she doesn't have power over.


Anhara has a small harem to help her relax and while she considers the services of its members simply a way in which her servants provide, just like her chefs provide food, she also trusts them to let her think. She might speak to those in her harem about things not even her advisors might hear as a way of thinking aloud.   Her harem includes variation both in genders and races. She seems to have a preference towards humans and elves over dwarves and gnomes, and there have never been any of the most selfish races such as goblins.


Always expecting someone to try to outmanoeuvre her, Anhara has done her best to stay educated about all things. These studies include some magic, but precisely what and how much are secrets she keeps to herself. She's a talented poet, well trained in some martial arts and makes sure to keep an air about her of being proficient in anything she attempts. Of course, it's unlikely she is as universally talented as she lets on, but it's hard to tell which ones are her actual talents.

Morality & Philosophy

The safety of Jolethai comes first, the long-term position of House Seelon second. She considers herself a good leader for both of these and therefore, will indulge herself when it doesn't hurt her other goals.   To Anhara, Seelon Principality is strong on its own, and the impositions from Solaris is something she just barely tolerates. She wouldn't mind as much if it didn't also come with the moral and spiritual demands along with taxes. To her, it's a matter of principle, not one of economics.


Family Ties

Her nephew Ahneid Seelon is the next in line of succession.   She has a child, Jamal Sands, with Auruh - the head of the Jewel Palace Harem. She is protective of her son, despite him beig born Slave. And Auruhh has been given preferential treatment for a long time.

Religious Views

Somewhat secretly, Anhara worships Sel√Ľne over Amaunator.


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Matriarch of House Seelon
Protector of the Caliphate
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1313 SR 52 Years old
A deep emerald green.
Her long black hair is usually tied up in an elaborate bun with a few curls framing her face. There are a few grey strands now, but not many.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark sand coloured skin, with a surface that used to be almost impossibly smooth and only in later years has it shown imperfections.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Celestial, Elvish, and Sha'ree. It isn't impossible that she knows more languages than these, but those wouldn't be something she uses on a regular basis.
Ruled Locations

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